• Medieval Cloak Pin
  • Medieval Cloak Pin
  • Medieval Cloak Pin
  • Medieval Cloak Pin
  • Medieval Cloak Pin

Medieval Cloak Pin



Bring history to life with a piece of medieval metalwork that can turn any blanket into a traditional viking style cloak. Not only do you get to feel the prestige of a nice cloak, but it's also surprisingly useful for keeping warm inside and out.
Instead of being made from thick cast iron that would ruin a blanket, this is made from a strong zinc alloy with a thin pin that will not leave big holes. 
Just grab a blanket, wool ones work the best, lay it across your shoulders, guide the pin through, rotate the ring, and voila. You have an instant cloak!
Available in gold or silver finishes. Select your color above. Or, select both for a discount. It's a great option for gifting one to a friend or family member.
Key Features
- Keeps You Warm While Moving Around 
- Made from Strong Zinc Alloy Steel
- Thin Pin That Does Not Ruin Blankets
- Great for Indoor and Outdoor Usage
- Great Gift for Friends and Family
2020 Special - Buy now for FREE shipping from the US!
Please note that if the blanket you are using has a very fine stitch, this pin may leave a hole. Please use with caution around children. 

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